About the Alpha Canine Group

photo of dogs in a sit Trainers with dogs at the kennels

From humble beginnings... going out on our own

In 1996, Greg and George decided to move away from the dog training business they both worked for and start out on their own. It was a big decision at the time, but they knew they could do things not just differently, but better! And so, Alpha Dog Training was established. Throughout the years, they have constantly adapted and evolved the way they do things, always looking for ways to improve and develop the business and the training method, with a strong emphasis on providing services that are easy, relevant and useful to dog owners.

From the start, they have also offered a detailed and extensive trainers course, teaching passionate and enthusiastic individuals not only how to train dogs of all breeds and temperaments but also how to teach other people how to train their own four legged companion.

Growing and expanding...

Also in 1996, Greg decided to start his own complementary business, Boarding School for Dogs, eventually to be named Alpha Boarding School for Dogs. This business soon grew to a point where it needed its own purpose based facility in Macclesfield. From here, the business continued to expand and in time each facet was given its own name:

All of these services, along with Alpha Dog Training, eventually formed The Alpha Canine Group.

Over time, Alpha have become known as the trainers to go to for rehabilitating dogs with behavioural problems, especially when those using other methods have run out of ideas. Their reputation reaches far and wide, with people travelling from the other side of the city to train their dogs at Alpha Dog Training and people travelling interstate and internationally to participate in the Alpha professional dog trainer courses.

A new location and a new beginning

Front of the Centre Trainers with dogs Alpha Dog Training session

The Alpha Canine Group's wealth of dog training experience and results, has created in an enviable reputation. After so many years in the industry, it was a natural and logical progression to open the new Alpha Canine Centre Australia's largest privately owned indoor dog training day care and canine education facility. This world class facility allowed us to add several services provided by the Alpha Canine Group under one roof, such as Alpha Doggy PlayCare (our dog day care service), 4 Day Fast Track Course, One-on- one tuition, Perfect Start Puppy Class, Grooming and more, which we simply could not have even contemplated before while operating out of a hired venue.

After 19 years of working towards the goal of having a place we could call our own where we would provide a range of dog related serviced, in January 2015 the doors to The Alpha Canine Centre, the Southern Hemisphere's largest privately owned day care and training centre, were opened. We turned a dilapidated 1500m2 factory into a modern and fun building dedicated for our Weekly Obedience and leadership classes, behavioural training services and our dog day care. The transformation of this space has been simply amazing.

The stability of opening the Alpha Canine Centre has enabled many professional Alpha trainers further opportunities to establish other complimentary dog training and related activities, which they conduct regularly at the centre such as Alpha Dogercise, Social Rehab and Off lead Play, with more activities to be added soon. Alpha customers have benefitted immensely from these optional "Alpha Extras" which they can participate in.

Joining forces

Moss give a speach Wellington village vet

Our centre has introduced some new and exciting services strengthening what we could already achieve with our training methods and services. It has also allowed veterinary professionals to partner with us in conducting Perfect Start Puppy Classes - a completely free community service. This introductory course is run in conjunction with vet partners and is unlike any other puppy school, allowing vets to focus on dispensing health advice and to their clients and leaving the behavioural training of their puppies to us.

Our interest in educating pet parents goes beyond training and behaviour. We are also looking forward to projects we have in the pipeline in collaboration with some of Australia's most well-known and well respected veterinarians, who will be partnering with us to be at the forefront of changing pet health culture, enabling owners to be more informed how to look after their pets and the health alternatives available to them - and we're just getting started! Stay tuned as we introduce more services to the Alpha Canine Group.