Alpha Extras

Becoming an Alpha member gives you exclusive access to other services we provide at the centre and discounts at PlayCare. An Alpha member is customer who has joined as a Lifetime member of Alpha Dog Training, their dog has gone through Boarding School for Dogs, has completed the 4 Day Fast Track Course, or has graduated from our 2 week intensive professional trainer's course or Animal Assisted Therapy courses.

Alpha Dogercise

dogercise dogercise dogercise

Every Saturdays 8.30am except long weekends. Once a month Dogercise go for a walk instead of classes at the centre.
First class is free. Casual classes $25.10-class card $200. First free class does not apply to the Dogercise Walks.
For Alpha dogs over 5 months of age.

Alpha Dogercise classes have been developed by head trainer George Visentin and professional personal trainer Mark Miran to exercise both owners and their dogs whilst incorporating obedience exercises and some fun and challenging agility work. The classes are structured to take advantage of the language and leadership gained from our obedience training method.

Dogercise classes are enjoyable and challenging for both owner and dog, but allow you to achieve great results regardless of your current level of physical fitness or your dog's obedience level.

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Social rehab classes

social rehab social rehab

Saturdays 9am start OR Tuesdays 7pm start.
$20 per class.
For Alpha Members. All dogs must be on lead and halter and under the control of their owners at all times. Bookings are essential: Please send a text message with your dog's name to 0407 336 537

Does your dog need to work on their social skills and are you unable to find somewhere or someone you can introduce your dogs to because of their social issues? Social rehab is ideal if your dog's obedience has improved through Boarding and Training, or you are a 2 Week Intensive, or an AAI graduate or 4 Day Fast Track customer but you still require help for your dog to progress socially. We can honestly say there is no other service or opportunity like it in our industry.

If you need professional help to rehabilitate your dog's social issues, these specialist classes run by experienced Senior Alpha Trainers are open to dogs at all levels and take the concepts taught in all of Alpha's training services to another level. Any dog-to-dog introductions are done with highly trained and sociable dogs who are safe because they will not be engaged in aggression.

These specialist social rehabilitation sessions are for owners with dogs that are not sociable or controllable around other dogs or people and cannot participate in Off Lead Play. Whether your dog is just starting to experiment, or the unacceptable behaviours are more established, these sessions will help to manage and/or rehabilitate anti-social behaviour.

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Off Lead Play

off lead play off lead play off lead play

Saturdays from 10am to 12pm.
$10 per session. Bookings not required.
For Alpha Members with friendly dogs who are able to listen under distraction. All dogs must go through an initial on lead assessment process at their first session at 10am (or after a long absence) to determine that dogs are safe for Off Lead Play. All customers must abide by the Off Lead Play rules. Bookings not required.

If you are concerned about taking your dog to the park because of issues outside of your control, then finally here is a safe place you can bring your dog to play. As well as playtime customers can mix with other like minded sensible owners and practice their obedience under the random distraction of other dogs running around, all under the guidance and supervision of senior Alpha trainers. And the best part is it's in doors, so you don't have to brave the elements.

The Off Lead Play sessions are an invaluable opportunity to develop your off-lead voice control, You will have fun learning to manage your dog’s level of excitability in an environment that is both relaxed and playful. Play is sectioned into active and calm groups.

Free tea and coffee is provided

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social rehab class social rehab class social rehab class