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Saturday mornings from 8.30am


Your first class is free. The cost of a casual class is $25 or you can purchase a 10-class card for $200

First free class applies only to the regular Dogercise Classes at the Alpha Training Centre and does not apply to the Dogercise Walks.

The Alpha Dogercise classes have been developed to give our customers the opportunity to exercise themselves and their dogs whilst incorporating their obedience exercises and including some fun and challenging agility work. The classes are structured to take advantage of the language and Leadership gained form our obedience training method and allow us to do things that would not be possible with Non Alpha trained dogs.

We have spent a lot of time refining the Dogercise classes and have come up with a class structure that we think is not only challenging and fun for both owner and dog but also allows you to achieve great results regardless of your current level of physical fitness or your dogs obedience level.

The secret to this is to structure the class in such a way that allows you to work at the your own level regardless of what the person next to you is doing. This is very similar to how we run our obedience classes. We are constantly looking at new ways to keep the classes interesting and challenging including adding new pieces to of equipment to the agility course and coming up with new and interactive exercises. It's been amazing to see how quickly with the right guidance you can get great results, from doing even simple exercises properly without the need to totally punish ourselves.

The dogs have also shown great progress each week. Some of the dogs that resisted the stretching exercises, struggled with the agility course or even had trouble holding their Step-away exercises whilst their owners did an exercise, are now doing it all like pro's thanks to their owners having the language and trust gained from the obedience to help work them through it. It's great to see the dogs having fun and enjoying the challenge whilst seeing the owner/dog relationship get stronger each week.

Don't forget that if you want to come along and have a go, your first session is totally free! The Classes cater for any level of fitness. Even if you are carrying an injury that you think might stop you joining in, just let us know before hand and we can usually adapt the exercises to suite your situation. Mark Miran has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry and is a fully qualified PT instructor and specialises in helping people with injuries.

Any Alpha trained dogs over 5 months of age can attend. Puppies under 5 months will be considered individually. You do not need to be a current Alpha Dog Training member to attend. As long as you have done some form of obedience training with us such as an Alpha Boarding School course, the 4 Day Fast Track course, a 2 week Intensive Trainer course, the Lead The Way Animal Assisted Therapy course or Private lessons with us in the past, then we would be happy for you to attend. If you feel that your dog's obedience might be a bit rusty, particularly under distraction, this might be a good opportunity to get them back up to scratch and do a bit of extra practice.

Due to the active nature of the classes, your dogs will need to be relatively social to attend. They will need to be at least at a point where they will not go out of their way to be aggressive to any other dog or person. If unsure, please get in contact with myself to discuss your situation. Remember that we also run the Social Rehab classes to help with your dog's social issues.

The Dogercise class is run every Saturday morning, except public holidays or Long weekends and starts at 8.30am at the Alpha Training Centre. We are also doing a 2 hour Dogercise Walk in place of one of the normal Dogercise session once a month at various locations, weather permitting. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Please check out our Alpha Dogercise Facebook page for updates, health and training tips and footage from the classes. To book in for a class or if you have any questions for either Mark or myself, please feel free to email us at

Hope to see you at a Dogercise class soon.

George Visentin

Head Trainer - Alpha Dog Training