Sue - Canine Nutrition

Treating dogs to ensure long term success and optimum health has been a passion that has seen Sue continue her research for a number of years.

Starting as a body worker Sue saw the need to have an understanding of a number of areas and it wasn’t long before she extended her study, graduating as a Small Animal and Equine Naturopath. After putting her qualifications into practice, Sue was offered a position teaching the subjects that had become quite an obsession and continued to share her knowledge lecturing in the subjects of Anatomy and Physiology, Small Animal/Canine Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Myofunctional Therapy.

Seeing the benefits of other modalities Sue then studied and graduated in the areas of Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu and Acupuncture and later travelled to France where she completed her qualification in iridology.

The founder of Natural Equine & Canine Health, Sue has formulated a range of herbal products that are distributed around Australia to both horse and dog owners who prefer to treat their animals via the use of natural products.

As an Animal Naturopath and Nutritionist, Sue understands the importance of diet in regards to the overall health of dogs. If the diet doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of the dog, then it is vital that this is assessed to ensure that the dog is offered the best natural diet allowing for a long, happy and healthy life.

Sue combines an overlap of Science and Natural Therapies when treating dogs which has enabled her to work on animals in Australia as well as the UK and Europe.

As Sue continues to treat animals, share her knowledge and continue her research, she hopes to encourage owners to ask questions and learn how to recognize when something isn’t quite 100% with their dogs. The sooner that owners trust in their instincts and their connection to their dogs, the sooner they will be able to treat their dog with the care that is needed to ensure they thrive and live an exceptional life.

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