One of the privileges of having the largest privately owned indoor dog training and day care centre in the Southern hemisphere is we are able host special and unique events. From open days, to special gatherings, to health clinics, fundraising events, movie nights and even media launches

Canine Myofunctional Therapy with Kerry

Book hourly sessions with Kerry

Kerry offers dog massage, Bowen Therapy and nutrition advice to help maximise your pet’s health and happiness. She will observe your dog’s movement and posture, provide the appropriate treatment and can discuss nutrition options which would be in your dog’s best interests.

Come and have your dog treated by the skilled and brilliant Kerry. She teaches Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) and Nutrition at the National College of Traditional Medicine. She has an interest in Canine rehabilitation and wellbeing recovery. She is the president of Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association.

During your dog’s 90 minute treatment session she will assess your dog’s overall condition and health and provide massage to your canine companion to improve:

  • Muscles conditions
  • Blood flow and nutrient uptake
  • Speed up of the removal of toxins
  • The condition of the skin and coat
  • Overall health

Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT Massage) can assist in healing an injured or underperforming muscle and many common ailments and complaints. It can also play a preventative role by maximising the health of a muscle, which in turn can help by avoiding some injuries and allowing the muscle to heal well and quickly.

Kerry also provides nutritional advice to owners to optimise their health and success of treatments.

CMT treatment and nutrition session Cost: $80 per dog for 90 minutes

Time: 9am – 12pm

Location: The Alpha Canine Centre

Bookings: Contact Kerry on 0410 693 172 or The Alpha Canine Centre on 9753 5766 Option #1

Upcoming 2017 Dates:

  • Friday 12th May
  • Friday 12th May
  • Friday 2nd June
  • Friday 7th July
  • Friday 11th August
  • Friday 8th September
  • Friday 13th October
  • Friday 10th November
  • Friday 8th December

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Canine Nutrition and wellness workshop with Sue – An introduction to feeding a natural, raw diet

What goes through your mind when you think of feeding your dogs a natural diet?

  • I would feed natural, but it’s too EXPENSIVE.
  • A natural diet? Geeze….way too time consuming!
  • I know someone who did this once and their dog became very sick.
  • My dog has a gastric/tummy condition so I can’t feed raw.
  • This is how dogs get worms.
  • I heard feeding a natural diet can make some dogs vomit!
  • If you have had any of the thoughts that are listed above STOP, because our half day nutrition morning will cover all of these and many more in detail on the day.

Come and meet the amazing Sue Martin who is trained and qualified in Anatomy and Physiology, Small Animal/Canine Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Myofunctional Therapy, Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu and Acupuncture, and Iridology and worked on animals in Australia, the UK and Europe. She combines an overlap of science and natural therapies when treating dogs and horses.

The founder of Natural Equine & Canine Health, Sue has formulated a range of herbal products that are distributed around Australia to both horse and dog owners who prefer to treat their animals via the use of natural products. As an Animal Naturopath and Nutritionist, Sue understands the importance of diet in regards to the overall health of dogs. If the diet doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of the dog, then it is vital that this is assessed to ensure that the dog is offered the best natural diet allowing for a long, happy and healthy life.

As Sue continues to treat animals, share her knowledge and continue her research, she hopes to encourage owners to ask questions and learn how to recognize when something isn’t quite 100% with their dogs. The sooner that owners trust in their instincts and their connection to their dogs, the sooner they will be able to treat their dog with the care that is needed to ensure they thrive and live an exceptional life.

What will be covered on the day?

  • The benefits of feeding various foods to our dogs
  • How canine nutrition varies to the individual dog’s needs
  • How to formulate a meal for your dog
  • Live demonstration on how to prepare a meal in easy patties ready for the freezer. This makes life very easy for owners.
  • How herbal supplementation can be helpful to some dogs and how herbs can be incorporated in to the diet.
  • Open discussion is definitely welcomed in this class. If you have an experience you wish to share or a dog that has been tricky to treat, ask any questions that you would like.

Workshop Cost: $40 per person

Time: 9am – 12pm

Location: The Alpha Canine Centre

Bookings: Contact Sue on 0427 674 004 or The Alpha Canine Centre on 9753 5766 Option #1

Upcoming 2017 dates: Friday 19th May

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Anaesthesia free Doggy Dental Clinic days

Bookings required. Conducted monthly on selected days. Contact the centre for a list of upcoming dates.

Every month we host an anaesthesia free doggie dental clinics at the Alpha Canine Centre. We have the most experienced anaesthesia free dog dental technician straight from the USA.

Anaesthesia free teeth cleaning has been in use in the USA for more than 25 years , and is popular for owners who want a safer alternative to anaesthesia and sedation. Experienced technicians use a combination of training techniques and touch to sooth dogs and cats, putting them in a relaxed enough state to co-operatively have their teeth cleaned.

Anaesthesia free teeth cleaning is for the prevention of tartar, plaque and dental disease and maintenance of healthy teeth after extractions. Tooth extractions and periodontal disease rated above 2 are to be performed by your vet.

Lectures and information days

The Alpha Canine Group has the support of many veterinary and canine health and nutrition experts. We have teamed up with notable experts to present lectures and seminars on a range of health topics to the public. Our huge indoor climate controlled facility is perfect for large gatherings and occasions. See below for upcoming lectures.

Centre for Hire

*Bookings required. Subject to availability.

Are you looking for a place to hold your next breed group meet up, or hold a pooch party, or your own dog related event? Our centre is available for hire and we can provide Alpha Canaine Centre staff to oversee and supervise the event. Go to The Centre page to see what facilities we offer to make your occasion pawsome! Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Upcoming Events

The Alpha Canine Group presents - "The Raw Truth about Cancer" an afternoon with the inspirational and distinguished father of the raw food feeding movement, Dr Ian Billinghurst.

Date: Sunday 13 th November 2016
Time: 2.30pm - 5pm
Cost: FREE
Registrations: Please register your interest for the event here!
Prizes: will be given away on the day for fortunate attendees of the event*

You are invited to spend an afternoon with Dr Ian Billinghurst, when he launches his long-awaited and thought-provoking new book, 'Pointing the Bone At Cancer', and presents a seminar that is guaranteed to stimulate attitude change towards nutrition and traditional cancer treatment.

This exclusive event will be held at the Alpha Canine Centre, 54 Rushdale St, Knoxfield, VIC 3180 on November 13th commencing at 2.30pm.

Guests will be in the running to win a Lifetime membership to Alpha Dog Training (Valued at $450) plus a limited number of free, autographed copies of Dr Billinghurst's new book, 'Pointing the Bone At Cancer' will be given-away on the day.

Limited number of FREE tickets are still available - to avoid disappointment book your seat TODAY!

Be part of the revolution that is creating a new understanding of cancer... and the implications this has for its treatment and prevention'.

Refreshments (tea & coffee) will be provided.
* Prizes claims are only valid for those attending the event

Past Events