Off-Lead Play Sessions for owners and their
Alpha-trained dogs


Saturdays from 10am to 12pm



Exclusively for owners of friendly dogs at any level who have previously, or are currently training with Alpha's methods through weekly classes, private tuition, boarding school, 4 Day Fast-Track or professional AAT and dog trainer courses.

All dogs must be on lead and halter and under the control of their owners at all times when entering and leaving The Alpha Canine Centre. All dogs must go through an initial on lead assessment process at their first session (or after a long absence) so trainers can determine that all dogs are safe for off- lead play.

Socialising your dogs in a climate-controlled environment with like-minded owners are just some of the benefits of these off-lead play sessions. Besides the playtime itself, there is also the opportunity to mix with other owners and to perhaps practice some obedience under the random distraction of other dogs running around.

The off-lead play sessions are an invaluable opportunity to develop your off-lead voice control, learning to manage your dog's levels of excitability in a relaxed and playful environment whilst it is having fun at the same time.

Play areas will be sectioned for active and calm dogs. The sessions are supervised by experienced Alpha Senior Trainers who will guide you through the various rules required to make the off-lead environment fun and safe for all.

General Rules of Play:

  • All dogs attending must undergo an assessment on their first visit.
  • All dogs must enter and leave the Training Centre under control.
  • All Owners must sign in prior to entering the Off Lead area and have completed the registration form.
  • Only one dog per handler.
  • Use of balls and toys will be at the discretion of trainers.
  • Children under five not allowed in the Off Lead areas.
  • All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  • All owners must obey any instruction or direction given by trainers at all times. Failure to do so will result in owners being asked to leave immediately and not allowed to attend Off Lead Play Sessions in the future.
  • No aggression of any sort will be tolerated. Bitting, Barking, Jumping or playing too rough must be corrected immediately. Ask for assistance from a Trainer if unsure.
  • Entry into the Off Lead areas is at the owners own risk.

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