Canine Social Rehabilitation Classes


Saturday 9am start OR Tuesdays (fortnightly from 12th January 2016) 7pm start



Bookings are essential:

Please send a text message with your dog's name to 0407 336 537

All dogs must be on lead and halter and under the control of their owners at all times - this helps to create a calm training environment. Please let us know ahead of time if you feel you will struggle handling your dog in a group situation.

These specialist social rehabilitation sessions are for owners with dogs that are not sociable or controllable around other dogs or people and cannot participate in off- lead play. Whether your dog is just starting to experiment, or the unacceptable behaviours are more established, these sessions will help to manage and/or rehabilitate anti-social behaviour.

Aggression (in any form) and over-excitability in dogs is very common and can develop in young dogs or older dogs of any breed. These behavioural problems can cause a lot of grief for owners as their dogs mature, due to the constant apprehension and anxiety that comes from having to worry about when the next unacceptable outburst or over-reaction will suddenly occur!

These specialist classes are open to dogs at all levels and take the concepts taught in your regular classes, or in any other training service offered by Alpha to another level of understanding. If your dog has attended Alpha Dog Training, Boarding School For Dogs, 4 Day Fast-Track Course, Private Tuition, AAT or Trainer Courses, you are more than welcome to participate in these sessions run by experienced Alpha Senior Trainers.

social rehab class social rehab class social rehab class