The Alpha Canine Centre

About the Alpha Canine Centre.

Comfortable and convenient

The Alpha Canine Centre has been purposely designed so that the experience of training your dog or using one of our other services while at the centre is enjoyable and convenient. This purpose renovated indoor facility includes climate control, so you can look forward to coming to training in any weather. No longer will customers have to train in bad weather, suffer getting wet or have to navigate puddles and mud while training, and during summer inbuilt cooling creates comfortable conditions.

Huge multipurpose spaces

At 1500m2 we have a huge area allowing enabling us to provide functional and multipurpose areas.
centre1 centre2 centre3
The front reception room is a big bright and fun room and is decorated with fun dog pictures and is laid with practical veterinary grade flooring, suitable for any class. During weekdays it is our main entrance and reception room, and transitions to a classroom for introductory first timers and free puppy classes and, a lecture room for hosting dog training students. To the back of the room is the doggy shop.

The rear space is colourful open and dived into two sections. The floor is coated with epoxy to keep it clean and bright. The front section is where our dog training reception is located and is where we operate the bulk of PlayCare. We have 10 rest pens that we use for PlayCare dogs or for customers who need to somewhere leave their dogs while attending the toilet or Doggy shop during training sessions. Conveniently positioned to the side of the rear reception is a mini doggy shop, and a drinks station. Off to the side of the front section is our DIY bathing room.

The rear section opens out to larger play and training areas and it is where we run Dogercise classes and Off Lead Play. We have two adjoining rooms off the rear section, a lounge room and the "puppy room". The lounge room is used as a manners classroom where owners use the couches, tables and doors to teach their dogs good behaviour in the home. The "puppy room" is where we run our weekly obedience puppy classes and is where every trainer wants to be before class! The puppy room becomes a course lecture room when conducting 4 Day Fast Track Courses.

On sunny days we use a large fenced off adjacent grass area for classes, which keeps training interesting and can be used to provide extra distraction when conducting classes. During PlayCare hours we use an undercover yard for toileting dogs.

The car park has two seating areas for relaxing, beneath the large tree is retaining positioned for seating and there is a feature Daschund seat near the front entrance. Don't worry about dog accidents, we have provided poo bag dispensers and bins nearby for your use.

Centre facilities

  • Doggy Shop

    Located in our front reception room we have the best bedding and food available and a range of toys, and health products, parasite control, bathing and grooming products, accessories and training equipment. We also have a number of potent natural health alternatives for those who don't like using chemicals on their dogs. See our opening hours below.
  • doggy shop
  • Coin operated bath

    We have incorporated a room at the Alpha Canine centre, dedicated to bathing dogs. This coin operated dog wash is available during all Alpha Dog Training Hours and Saturday mornings from 8:30am - 12:30pm.
  • bathing
  • Grooming

    For a more detailed list of grooming services click here
    We have hand picked experienced groomers who love dogs. We can provide a simple nail trim or full clip and groom service. Booking can be made for grooming and bathing by appointment for drop and pick up or your dog groomed during their PlayCare stay.

  • grooming
  • Outdoor undercover toilet

    We are the envy of many dog day cares - we have an undercover outdoor toilet area where we regularly take the dogs out to eliminate to reduce toileting issues developing, and this aids in keeping our centre fresh and clean. Of course we have high grade cleaning and sanitary practises should your pooch have an accident, but we like to feel comfortable that they can go outside.
  • Multi media TV's

    We have installed 5 huge large screen TV's around the centre. The TV's main purpose is to back up class content with supporting videos on behaviour and training. They are also used for presenting classes and course material. When not being used for teaching you can view the screens for all of our latest information on the centre, our services, special events, training tips and special offers.
  • Disabled Friendly

    Disabled parking is in front of the main entrance to the centre for any vehicle with a disabled permit. A small ramp is used to access the front door while the side entrance is already easily accessible. Inside we have a huge, clean and bright disabled toilet with a bench sink for placing personal belongings.
  • Free tea and coffee

    We have quality tea, coffee and hot chocolate at our drinks station in the rear area, as well as a customer kitchen in our front reception room for when you need that caffeine hit in the morning when dropping your dog off early for PlayCare. There is a chilled water fountain next to the drinks stand.
  • Drinks for purchase

    If you would like something a little more refined, we have a self serve cappuccino, espresso and lattes at the drinks station. We also have a range of cold refreshments from soft drinks to coconut water.
  • Seating

    Seating is provided through out the centre so you can watch classes or unwind after training.
  • Parking

    Both on-site and on street parking is available to the centre. Additionally during Alpha Dog Training hours on Wednesdays between 7pm-9pm and Sundays between 9am-12:30pm we have negotiated with select businesses to provide "Alpha Friendly" parking for our customers. Please be sure to park only in businesses that have an Alpha Friendly car park sign during these times, and collect any waste your dog makes by using the poo bag dispensers and bins conveniently located.
  • Waste disposal

    Distributed throughout the centre are disposable poo bags dispensers and we are equipped with mops and buckets should any accidents occur. If your dog has an accident, simply ask one of our friendly helpful staff for assistance. During Alpha Dog Training hours we when using on-street parking or Alpha friendly parking we have even attached mini poo bag dispensers to signs out the front of these businesses to make collecting waste even easier.