Services at The Alpha Canine Centre

Weekly Obedience & Leadership Classes

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Joining as a member is a prerequisite of attending weekly obedience classes. All persons must attend an introductory session prior to joining. First free introductory lessons and all obedience classes are conducted Wednesday 7pm - 9pm & Sunday 9am - 12:30pm

Our weekly obedience classes are for puppy training and socialisation all the way up to advanced off lead training. Specialise in obedience under distraction and behavioural problems. These classes are designed to strategically improve your dog's obedience under distraction while also imparting knowledge about the relevance that leadership, trust and communication have to positive behavioural outcomes.

Classes are divided by exercises and we further split the class down into smaller groups determined by the amount of experience owners have. Each class participates in obedience under distraction a good behaviour shaping and manners component. Our classes are well staffed by professional Alpha trainers who are there to guide and assist you through. Owners are shown how to practise and implement strategies to achieve results at home.

If you have a dog with serious behavioural issues or just want it to be more obedient, why not come down and do a free introductory lesson to see how we can help you and your dog? These free introductory sessions are conducted every week and no bookings are required to attend. To find out more go to the Alpha Dog Training page.

Alpha Doggy PlayCare

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Read more at Alpha Doggy PlayCare. Open Monday to Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm. All dogs require an assessment on their first day.

Our doggy day care is the best place to bring your dog for somewhere to stay and play for the day. We care for puppies, adult dogs, cheeky dogs, shy dogs, goofy dogs and everything in between. Bring your dog to our indoor climate controlled facility to play in our large and spacious play yards. Our business is staffed entirely by Alpha Dog Training professional positive results dog trainers who will supervise and care for your dog.

We are also breaking ground working with dogs with social issues, using our behavioural background to integrate them into the play yards. We have many yards and rest pens that allow us to cater for dogs with higher social needs. We can work with your dog individually, socialising and training them before introducing them to well trained staff dogs. Once we are happy we will integrate your dog into our play yards to meet new friends.

We are also able to care for dogs that need somewhere to remain quiet and still after surgery. Our large rest pens over look our play yards and provide a comfortable place for your dog to rest and remain quiet overlooking our yards. Our staff spend time cuddling and caring for dogs that are recuperating and take them to the toilet on lead to ensure they do not over exert themselves while trying to recover from surgery.

Book a tour to see PlayCare in action.

One-on-one tuition.

one on one tuition one on one tuition

Bookings by appointment.

For those who are unable to attend weekly obedience classes or who need a little extra personal help with training and behavioural issues, we offer private lessons at our centre and home visits. These lessons are conducted by professional trainers who are experienced in dealing with both common and serious behavioural issues. Theses practical lessons get to the root cause of behavioural problems and demonstrate the relevance that obedience under distraction, leadership, trust and communication have to positive behavioural outcomes.

4 Day Fast Track Courses.

4 day fast track 4 day fast track

Read more at Alpha Dog Training 4 Day Fast Track Course. Courses conducted every month. Bookings required.

For those who are unable to attend weekly obedience classes or that need a little extra personal help with training and behavioural issues, and want results fast, we have the 4 Day Fast Track Course. Conducted at the Alpha Canine Centre by professional trainers who are experienced in dealing with common or serious behavioural issues.

Grooming & bathing

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DIY bathing Wednesday 7pm - 9pm, Saturdays 8:30m - 12:30pm, Sundays 9am - 12:30pm. Grooming by appointment.

We provide a full bathing service as well as nail trims, ear cleans and even expressing anal glands our hand selected groomers and bathers love dogs and are experienced in delivering beautifully groomed dogs!

Perfect Start Puppy Classes

For puppies from 8 weeks to 5 months old - bookings essential

Running over 3 x 90 minute sessions, our Perfect Start Puppy Classes are designed to give owners a deeper understanding of canine behaviour and the basic skills to help their pups assimilate into our human world. In a format that goes way, way beyond the standard approaches to puppy preschool through a combination of hands-on workshops, informative discussions and relevant video presentations, our professional and experienced instructors will help you to hopefully avoid the common ownership mistakes that can seriously affect a pup's social and behavioural development. The behaviour shaping (manners), problem solving and socialisation skills taught are fully explained and demonstrated, showing how relevant they are to your puppy.

We have developed this service, to inspire owners to go those extra steps and train their pups and through the adolescent period (with whomever they choose), so they become well-trained and behaved dogs as they mature.

No treats required. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class to sign in.

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puppy classes puppy classes

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